Ways dads can bond with the baby

It is very easy for the dads to feel left out when it comes to nurturing the baby. Most of them tend to be left on the side lines as they watch the mothers do all the stuff. As much as the mom tends to get more time with the baby, there are ways that can ensure that you bond with the baby.

Different ways of bonding


1. Take a walk

When the time comes for taking the baby out, you can choose to go instead of mom. You should consider taking the baby out when the sun is not as hot to avoid them getting sun burns.
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2. Play with the baby

There are many types of games that you can use to bond with the baby. One of the best games you can play is the super baby game. This game makes the baby happy and laughs all the time. It is very easy to play this game, all you need is to lie down on your back and place the baby on your stomach and move them up and down. It is also important for you to make weird sounds keep the baby entertained.
Dancing is also another form of playing that you employ. Babies tend to love movement and rhythm. If the baby cannot move by themselves you should place them on the shoulder or hip and dance with them. Patting can also work fine. You should lay them on the back and pat them with a rhythm to relax or comfort them.

3. Change the diaper

This is not one of the fun things that you can do. However, it is one important activity that you can use to bond with the baby. During this time, make silly sounds and sing to them.

4. Feed the baby

Most dads do participate in bottle feeding the babies and this activity enhances the bond between them. You need to be comfortable for you to successfully feed the baby. Find a comfortable chair and hold the baby in a comfortable position. By feeding them often, the baby will learn to trust you more and more every day.

5. Read to them

Sometimes the baby may not appreciate the constant movement and thus may find play and dance tedious. In such times, you need to come up with ways to keep them relaxed. Reading to them is a magnificent way of bonding with the baby. You can also come with activities that are not too vigorous. You may try to use the stack blocks to play with the baby silently.

6. Nurture them

As much as playing is important, nurturing them is also something that you may choose to do. You can brush the baby’s hair, clothe them after the bath. You may also volunteer to put them to bed.

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