Pros And Cons of An Offset Smoker

If you are a smoked meat lover, you will sure want to enjoy smoked meat at home anytime you want to. Luckily, there are a lot of smokers introduced to the market every year that could assist you in the process of smoking meat.
There are a lot of different types of smokers such as electric smoker and propane smokers. Both of them have their own pros and cons. However, in term of taste, no smoker can beat the best offset smoker as it can product the most natural and delicious smoked meat for you to enjoy.
It also brings other various benefits besides the taste. Along with these benefits are the drawbacks as well. As you can see, there is no perfect smoker on the market. In term you are searching for a smoker to use at home and are still unable to reach to the final decision of what type of smoker to buy, read on to learn more about the pros and cons of an offset smoker.

First, let뭩 go into more details about the benefits of an offset smoker

  • Temperature: The first benefit of an offset smoker is that it can reach a very high temperature, from about 600 to 700 degrees Celsius. With this high temperature, you can smoke all kinds of meat that you like. For example, you can smoke beef, chicken and salmon to name just a few.
  • Grill Option: Furthermore, there is only with an offset smoker that you can get the direct grill option. You cannot do so in an electric or a propane smoker.
  • Large Capacity: In addition, an offset smoker often comes with a very large cooking chamber, which enhances you to smoke a large amount of meat or simple a whole big pile of meat, such as a full rib, for the same time.
  • Cheap To Operate: An offset smoker requires no electricity to propane to operate but charcoal. Therefore, it helps you to save a lot of money on energy.
  • Customizable Options: You can add in a lot of accessories if you need. There are a lot of options for you to add in to make the offset smoker built especially for your preference.

After we discuss about the benefits, here are some drawbacks of an offset smoker as well

  • Expensive Upfront Cost: first of all, an offset smoker is typically more expensive to acquire than other smokers on the market. You might spend about 500 dollars and can get a very high quality propane smoker. However, you need to pay for at least 1000 dollars for an offset smoker.

Of course, you can easily find an offset smoker with a price less than 1000 dollars. However, you need to keep in mind that you should not opt for too cheap option for various reasons: it is not durable and it could not smoke meat as well as other offset smokers.

  • It Takes A Long Time To Heat: unlike an electric smoker or a propane smoker, you need to spend a lot of time to preheat your offset smoker. In addition, you also need to spend a lot of time and energy to check the heat so that the heat can maintain an ideal degree of temperature you desire.
  • It Is Very Heavy: Most of the offset smokers on the market can weigh up to hundreds of pounds, which are really heavy. In term you are looking for a smoker to bring out to camp, an offset smoker is not a better choice than a propane smoker.
  • It Takes A Lot Of Space: because of its special design, it also takes a lot of space in your backyard or so. Therefore, in case you want to buy an offset smoker, make sure you know where you would place this smoker and measure the place carefully before you come to the store.
  • It Is Hard To Operate: unlike other smokers such as propane smoker or electric smoker, it requires you more experience and effort to smoke food with an offset smoker. First of all, you need to spend a lot of time for the offset smoker to get into its ideal temperature.
Secondly, when you smoke food under severe weather such as when it is cold, you need to adjust the temperature in the offset smoker constantly to make sure it maintains the perfect temperature for a specific kind of meat. Imagine that it often takes you 6 to 8 hours to smoke meat, you will know how much effort you should put in smoking meat with an offset smoker.
As you can see, an offset smoker is a true genius in smoking meat. It brings out the best favors in any kind of meat you want to cook and allow you to add more woody chips and aroma to the smoking process easily. However, it is highly expensive and requires you experience before you can master the control of an offset smoker.
You should judge all of these pros and cons carefully to see if a offset smoker can meet all of your preferences and need or not before coming to your final decision.
No matter what kind and brand of the smoker you finally choose to purchase, I hope you can have a lot of delicious meals of smoked meat with it.
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