Exploring Vietnam, a picturesque country

People from all over the world loves to travel. They have their own destinations and plans on how they are going to spend their holiday. They spend time, money and effort in the places where they want to have a splendid day, full of fun and adventure. They keep on imagining themselves on how excited it would be to step on a land, which they considered as a paradise.

There are so many countries to visit around Asia. There is a long list of all the wonders of the world, but tourists would love to consider coming and visiting Vietnam, one of the countries found in the Southeastern part of Asia. Why do people choose Vietnam? It is because there are lots to explore in Vietnam, and staying in this paradise is a one of a kind experience that will stay in your hearts and minds.

Mekong Delta

And of course, you will not miss having a taste of the fruitful and abundant place for trade and industry in the Mekong Delta. You can find here the famous floating market, where everything you need floats and so you must enjoy riding a boat for a great experience. A Mekong Delta day tour of local companies placed in be a good choice.

The Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is one of the most explored spots in Vietnam, it has water, which beautifies the place because of its aqua-green color. It has islands, caves, lakes and limestones surrounded by the water. The Ha Long Bay is in the northern part of Vietnam, it is about 80 miles from the eastern part of Hanoi.


It is in Hanoi where visitors can come to see the Grand Opera House, the St. Joseph Cathedral and the Presidential Palace. It is in the center of Hanoi where the Old Quarter is located, the French colonial design that survived during the Vietnam War.

Hoi An

The Hoi An is in the central part of the Southern Vietnam. The Hoi An is a 2000-year-old city and still its design and architecture from the past makes the city beautiful. At the center of the Hoi An is the Old Town which is very famous for its wooden houses that are traditionally built.


The Hue is one of the tourist destinations in Vietnam, which is very famous because of the Citadel where you can find the Thien Mu Pagoda, palaces, and temples.


The Sapa is one of the coolest places that you could ever imagine because it is surrounded by mountains and waterfalls. The Sapa is located in the northwestern part of Vietnam and it is where people come for hiking and trekking. It is also at the Sapa where local tribes reside and still old culture and customs continue.

There are so many spots to enjoy in Vietnam, The Ha Long Bay, Hanoi, Hoi An, Sapa and the Mekong Delta are just some of them. There are more spots waiting for you, and you better come and see it for yourself so that you will know how lovely Vietnam is. By then, you can say that Vietnam is more than just a paradise.

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