Monthly Archives: August 2015

The Wheel Thing

Ford Excursion: A larger-than-life super ute that’s big, bad and beautiful, boasting nine-place seating and a whopping 10,000-pound towing capacity to trailer Jet Skis and the like ($33,560). GMC Yukon XL: GMC’s version of the venerable Chew Suburban is a nine-passenger hauler that can handle kids and kayaks, and it comes complete with a hands-free [Continue]

The Newest Sporty Rides

The newest sporty rides have plenty of room for the kayak and the kids. Berta Benz got tired of waiting for Karl. In August 1888, the wife of the famed German car inventor became the first woman ever to drive an automobile when she took her two oldest sons–and Carl’s newest invention, which even he [Continue]

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